What are the Sustainable Development Goals?
Sustainable development focuses on ensuring basic needs for future generations. In order to ensure basic needs for future generations, there needs to be a focus on effective and efficient management of resources by and for current generations.
In 2015, all United Nation member states adopted The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to tackle the worlds most key issues to ensure a better life for all by the year 2030. The Sustainable Development Goals and their targets encompass environmental and social protection, environmental sustainability and economic equality to ensure no one is left behind as it promotes equitable and safe communities.
The SDGs do not ignore shortcomings instead they confront issues, identify root problems, and set objectives to leave no one behind as we transform nations, cities, and neighborhoods into places where we can all live and prosper.

Tracking Progress Barbados integrates the SDGs into its indicator framework. This addition allows Tracking Progress Barbados to be cognizant of how community indicator systems are tracking progress by incorporating locally identified indicators and connecting them to global priorities.

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