About Tracking Progress Barbados 

What Is Tracking Progress Barbados?
Tracking Progress Barbados is a community indicator system which tracks and measures indicators based on social issues. Tracking Progress focuses on data surrounding the well-being of individuals within multiple parishes in Barbados in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals. Tracking progress collects data on key social issues in Barbados, for example gender inequalities and water management inefficiencies. This allows users to access data to understand Barbados’ progress with the Sustainable Development Goals, life and activity within Barbados and its respective parishes. The indicators are currently grouped into three themed areas: Water Resource Management, Gender Equality and Demographics.

What Is Our Purpose?
Tracking Progress Barbados was designed with the intention of being a well curated data source for social issues in Barbados. Tracking progress Barbados allows users to view records, data and monitor Barbados’ progress with Sustainable Development Goal implementation.
It allows individuals to track progress, identify trends and changes with the sustainable development goals through the utilization of graphs and maps which highlight different parishes and communities on key issues that matter to them. Tracking progress was designed to benefit all users by providing reliable and credible information.

Tracking Progress Data:
How to Access Data?

While on Tracking Progress Barbados, there are icons on the left side of our website which relate to the Sustainable Development Goals. When you choose an icon, you will be provided with indicators that relate to Barbados and their effort with tracking progress for the SDGs. Selecting an indicator will take you to a page with ways of learning about the indicator.

How Are Our Indicators Chosen?
Our indicators are chosen based on key social issues within Barbadian communities and society. Indicators that matter extensively to Barbadian communities include Water Resource Management, Climate Action and Gender Equality.

Who Does Tracking Progress Barbados Collaborate With?
Tracking Progress Barbados collaborates with government agencies to acquire credible and reliable data on key issues in Barbados.
Tracking Progress also has other regional counterparts: St.Lucia, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.

How is Tracking Progress Barbados Funded?
Tracking Progress Barbados is funded by the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus Barbados and supported by The International Institute for Sustainable Development(IISD)